Freedom Atlantic Awarded $1.4M Contract in Partnership with OTTO Engineering

April 17, 2023
Massillon, OH – Freedom Atlantic, Inc. a Defense Communications company, announced today that it has been awarded a $1.4 million contract for its innovative capabilities supported via its partnership with OTTO Engineering, a firm based out of Carpentersville, IL.

Freedom Atlantic, Inc. has a satellite presence in Camas, WA. The award was granted from a Special Operations customer after a thorough evaluation of Freedom Atlantic’s capabilities in Communications Accessories. Freedom Atlantic is recognized for its unique approach and expertise in solving crosstalk audio interference challenges as well as an exceptionally rugged USB-C type cable, an important capability gap that has now been solved.

“Our team of exceptional engineers and operationally experienced veterans is honored to receive this recognition for our capabilities,” said David Martschinske, VP of Product Development at Freedom Atlantic. “This award is a testament to our company’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to solving unique problem-sets for the brave on the frontlines and our first responders.”

Nathan Donham, CEO added, “Looking to the future, our goal is to ensure that Freedom Atlantic solutions are ubiquitous to those equipped to defend Freedom. Whether facing conflict overseas or protecting homes against wildfires, our objective is to protect freedom through exceptional equipment.”

The $1.4 million award will enable Freedom Atlantic to invest in its team, technology, and infrastructure, allowing it to expand its capabilities and further enhance its services.

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