Freedom Atlantic is a Service-Disabled veteran-owned small business relentlessly focused on training, product development, and delivery of Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) technology capabilities to the tactical edge.

We combine our unique Special Operations Communications experience with a world class engineering team to provide the end users with real-world solutions to overcome the rapidly evolving threats on the modern battlefield.


Retired Special Operations Forces information technology leader with 20+ years of honorable military service. Offering creative and innovative thinking to solve complex communications problems drawing on unique 16+ years of SOF experience. Leading programs such as ATAK development, Autonomous vehicle, and Tactical networks. 
Mr. Jillson has 24+ years of work experience in the software, hardware, and network communications industry. He has designed, manufactured, and delivered several military communications products that are currently being fielded by US and coalition military units. Mr. Jillson holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Santa Clara University. 
Mr. Martschinske has 16+ years of product development experience in a wide range of industries including commercial outdoor, motion control systems, and communications equipment for USG/DOD. Mr. Martschinske has been instrumental in the design and development of several solutions that are currently fielded by US and coalition partners, military, and law enforcement entities.


What does that mean for transitioning Rangers?

Freedom Atlantic’s Special Operations veterans bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help
transitioning Rangers navigate their exit from the military. Along with mentorship we also speak in
transition workshops on subjects such as entrepreneurship and finding employment. Freedom Atlantic is
also registered through the DOD Skill Bridge program to bring on interns. This has given a transitioning
member the ability to get a sneak peek into our industry and put them on a path to develop the
necessary skills post military.

What do we expect from you?

Freedom Atlantic has many team members spread throughout the US and can hire remote employees.
We value our Special Operations roots in our culture and believe in honor and integrity. We assist
transitioning military members by finding work for them. This can be with in Freedom Atlantic or with
partner companies that hire veterans. Working at Freedom Atlantic keeps connections into Special
Operations as we solve challenging engineering, communications, and equipment shortages which
fosters a sense of continually service to still give back to active-duty members. Email INFO@Freedom-Atlantic.com for additional information.

Contact Info
3571 Far West Blvd #3305
Austin, TX 78731
(O) 517.300.2760
(F) 512.256.9826
DUNS: 117159146
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