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Communicate on any phone

Legba is fully inter-operable with existing ROIP infrastructure/application including Motorola Wave, Cisco Interconnect, Trellisware, Persistent Systems and Silvus talk groups.


  • Transport agnostic (IP multicast and unicast support): runs on all MANET waveforms, Public/Private LTE, SatCom networks
  • Out of the box audio interoperability with Motorola Wave, Cisco Insta-connect, Trellisware, Silvus and Persistent System IP audio talk groups
  • Military grade encryption: AES 256-CBC encryption with TLS 1.3, x509 certificates.
  • CODEC Support: Opus, G.711, GSM, and AMR
  • Multiple transmit controls (PTT): External PTT, EUD attached NFC buttons, volume button remap, screen tap-to-talk
  • Supports channel latching and multi-channel monitoring only modes
  • Multiple mission configurations available simultaneously
  • Channel Cross banding at all echelon levels
  • SOS mode: Priority break-in, All-Channel transmit
  • Customizable User profile: custom avatars, call signs, screen layout
  • Publish Mission configuration (talk groups) via QR code or configuration file

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© 2023 Freedom Atlantic. All rights reserved.