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PN: FA-4BTN-135 (Standard Controller Only)
PN: FA-4BTN-135-163 (Controller + PRC-163 Passive Radio Cable)

Universal 4-button control Module


The Freedom Atlantic 4-Button USB controller is designed to control the eNVG-B platform while attached to the Nett Warrior DOCK-Lite. The controller has a USB 2.0 peripheral interface allowing additional accessories to connected to the DOCK-Lite system. The peripheral interface sources 5V up to 3A of power.


  • 4 USB momentary press buttons send commands to DOCK-L for eNVG-B control.
  • USB 2.0 peripheral port for downstream USB devices. Sources power up to 5V 3A.
  • USB cable retainer supports both 90° and 0° cable connectors.
  • H2O gasket seal around module USB Type-C plug ensures water tight seal to DOCK-L when module is secured.
  • USB 2.0 peripheral port cable retainers maintains connector head pressure ensuring water proofed seal for connected devices.
  • Module microcontroller can be updated with additional button press command behavior to allow the controller to control more than just the eNVG-B device.

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© 2023 Freedom Atlantic. All rights reserved.