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Universal Host/Sync PD Cable


Designed for universality and simplicity, this cable removes the complexity and guess-work when connecting your EUD to your kit. Connect the EUD directly to a radio or go through a hub, this cable is designed to work with all radio configurations and is optimized to keep your radios alive longer.

Compatible with various EUD cases on the market. See adapters here.


  • 12″ length
  • 53 grams
  • EAR99

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Features & Benefits

  • 5, 9 and 12V power to EUD (USB Power Delivery 3.0)
  • 100mA to 2A configurable current output
  • Adjust charge rates real-time using PD protocol messaging
  • Real time power role swapping
  • Reconfigurable USB Type C interface: swap between host and peripheral modes
  • *Peripheral connector options for legacy radios: Glenair 6-pin, Fischer, ODU


© 2023 Freedom Atlantic. All rights reserved.
© 2023 Freedom Atlantic. All rights reserved.